Captain Zulu


Captain Zulu is an impressive Blue and Gold Macaw that is often depicted in artwork helping bury the famous treasure of Edward Teach, (more infamously known as the legendary pirate Blackbeard.) 

Zulu’s love of gold and treasure is outmatched only by his uncanny ability to escape every cage and trap set to try to contain this crafty escape artist.  Zulu served first with Blackbeard on Captain Benjamin Hornigold’s sloop and was critical in the battle and capture of the Concorde.  In fact, Zulu is missing one toe from this battle of this 300-ton frigate with 26 guns shortly after the War of Spanish Succession.  The Concorde was then given to Blackbeard and Zulu upon Hornigold’s retirement from piracy and renamed to Queen Anne’s Revenge and upgraded to 40 guns. And the infamous duo of Blackbeard and Zulu captured vessels in the Caribbean for their remaining piracy days.  Captain Zulu has death sentences in England, France and Spain and enjoys a level of protection due to the pirate code of parley at Atlantis Divers.  


Captain Tango


Captain Tango is a feisty mini Macaw – an Illiger or Blue-winged Macaw to be exact.  Tango’s pirating days began with Calico Jack Rackham and the 2 most famous woman pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read.  Under Jack’s captaincy, Tango was instrumental in the theft of the sloop William in August 1719 and stayed aboard to help Rackham’s motley crew cruise between Bermuda and Hispaniola and Cuba.  Tango provided the inspiration and ultimately designed Jack’s infamous pirate flag.  Captain Tango has a temperamental demeanor and his moods are as changeable as the weather.  Keep an eye on your trinkets when you are near Tango – his love of jewels and gold is legendary!