Brent Sizemore

NAUI Instructor Trainer
SDI/TDI Technical Instructor

Brent was born and raised in Bluefield, WV, which is self-proclaimed as nature’s air-conditioned city.  Given the cooler weather and the simple fact there were no diving locations for hours in any direction, he had no clue he would one day find a passion for diving. Work brought him to the Richmond area, and while on vacation in Cabo San Lucas in 2010,  he was introduced to the sport. Brent returned from vacation, completed his Open Water certification with Atlantis the next month, and was hooked for life. 

He continued his dive education, eventually deciding to take the Divemaster course solely for the challenge. That decision led to him finding enjoyment in helping others learn the sport and overcome their own challenges in the process.

Brent prefers warm water diving over cold, and he most enjoys wreck dives, wall dives, and any dive with a twist, like “the washing machine” dive in The Exuma Cays.