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David Weidenhamer


David was born in upstate NY and was a military brat for the first half of his childhood. His family settled in Smithfield, VA. After graduating from high school, David joined the VA National Guard and attended VA Tech. During his sophomore year he was told to prepare for a deployment to Cuba. It was because of this deployment his scuba adventures began. 

Certified in 2003 with his OW and made his way all the way up to NAUI Divemaster in Jan 2008. During this time he worked as a deckhand and divemaster on a dive boat in the Gulf of Mexico. He is an avid spear fisherman, and loves the taste of fresh lobster.

His everyday job is a UH-60 Blackhawk Pilot in the VA National Guard.

David joined the Atlantis crew after his return from Iraq in Jan 2012