Pompano Beach, Florida

February 17-23, 2018

Single occupancy room with recreational dives - $1,400
Double occupancy room with recreational dives - $1,070
To include technical dives please add $160 per diver (must be Deco Procedures certified)

To reserve a spot a $250 deposit is needed with the balance due by January 1st, 2018. When you reserve your spot please indicate whether you’re interested in carpooling or whether you’ll make your own arrangements. Either cost is not included. A dive trip meeting will be scheduled later, but it should be in the late January time frame or when weather permits.

These prices include accommodations for 6 nights and 8 scheduled 2 tank boat dive trips (plus 2 tech dive trips if you’ve included that option). The hotel does provide a small continental breakfast, but there are 3 waterfront restaurants nearby. Gases for technical dives are not included in the pricing. If you're Nitrox certified, you can upgrade to Nitrox at the dive operation for an additional $64. As much as we'll be diving that's a good investment.

We are scheduled to do 3 deep wreck dives and those require Advanced Scuba Diver certification. If you are not certified there is still time to sign up for class and do the dives there. Otherwise you'll have to sit those dives out. It’s their boat, their dive operation, and therefore their rules.

So come on along and enjoy the South Florida waters in February. It's all about having fun and staying safe, so don't feel like you're not up to it.


To reserve this trip, please contact us here, or at 804-320-7000!